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Curry and Chips

Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

Curry and Chips specialises in Sri Lankan cuisine for the large Sri Lankan diaspora in Melbourne's South Eastern suburbs.  This means they do authentic flavours, no numbing down of spices and food that your Grandma would make if your granny was Sri Lankan. 

I have been to Curry and Chips many years ago when it was a single shop front selling their version of TV meals which you take home and heat up. Driving past of late, I have noticed business must be booming as they have expanded into the next shop and now do dine in as well as catering and take away. Interestingly, Curry and Chips also have theme nights.  For example:  Fridays are Roti nights, Thursdays are Mutton Biriyani, Weekends are Hoppers, etc.     It's kind of like the chicken parma nights at your local pub!

A curry punned shop front

Since it was only mid morning, they were yet to serve lunch.  I opted for one of their pre-packed TV meals instead.  I could not resist the Chicken Stringhopper, for the name alone.  Stringhoppers are similar to rice vermicelli but sound waaay cuter. 

It came packed like so with microwave heating instructions:

We have (clockwise from bottom):
  • the stringhopper -  analogous to the rice vermicelli noodles
  • two Frikkadels which are Burghur style Dutch meat balls
  • chicken curry
  • eggplant fry, also known as the brinjal fry
  • coconut and dried shrimp sambal
  • coconut cream (separate container) to drizzle over the stringhopper. 
The serve was gignormous as evidenced by this mountain of food on my plate. I have been chastised by my personal trainer for not having 'ladysized' servings.  I think I will have to do an extra set of exercises to atone for my sins!

As I've said before, Curry and Chips does not dull down their spices for no fool.  It wasn't blow-your-head off hot but it was spice intense.  Every mouthful was layers and layers of flavour as different spices hit your palate at varying times.  The coconut cream was a bit too rich for me and I only drizzled a small amount (I think I was inwardly freaking out about the calories in the cream).  The Frikkadels were the highlight. I could have eaten a dozen of those - easy.  It had a delicate cinnamon and spice taste and it wasn't greasy at all.  Curry chicken was mildly hot; the sambal nice and shrimpy;  the brinjal fry was a little too sweet but otherwise very yum. 

In the spirit of TV meals, I ate this in front of the telly with Bobby Beau the dog watching my every bite.  I did share a few tidbits with him, which after the fact made me worry that he will have the squits all over my carpet.  But at the time I was feeding him tiny samplings, I was reminiscing about a girl I went to high school with.  She was of Sri Lankan heritage and told me in the middle of year 8 maths class that her cat lived on curry and thrived on it.  I have no idea how that came up in conversation in maths class and I'm surprised I could barely keep track of my pin numbers and yet could remember this curry eating cat with such clarity. 

The deets:

250 Blackburn Road, Glen Waverley 3150
ph:  98023732

$10.90 for the stringhopper. Most mains are the same price with snacks and entrée costing under. 

Casual dining.  Take away and catering available

Nom again:
Definitely.  I would like dine in next time and try their hoppers. 

Curry & Chips on Urbanspoon

Ciao for now.

Nom seeker, Glutt. 

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