Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Little Hong Kong House

Greetings Fellow Nom Seekers!

I was invited by a friend for a quick lunch at "Little Hong Kong House", an establishment I have been before. As I was early, I arrived before him and decided to scroll through the menu in anticipation of what I will be having. Being the only one in the restaurant, I had a pleasant chat with the very friendly host about the menu and parking which could sometimes be a problem.

The selection was good but I had my mind set on something I always have when I am in Asia. So, as soon as my friend walked in, I was ready to order my Rice with Bean Curd and Szcechuan sauce (commonly known as Mapo Tofu and surprisingly every Chinese restaurant seem to have a version of this) and he ordered the Fried Rice with Beef and Black Bean Sauce.
Mapo tofu with rice

Beef with Black Bean and Fried Rice

The restaurant began filling with more people while we were there but our meal arrived quickly as we ordered first. The meal was simple but was freshly made with decent sized servings. And did I mention Chinese tea was free?  So a good option for a quick in/out lunch without denting the wallet. 

The deets:

Little Hong Kong House, 164 Clayton Rd, Clayton VIC 3168
ph: (03) 9544 5595

$21 for the two meals (Less $1.50 if you have your meal with plain rice)

 Casual dining with take away option

Nom again:
Yes, Obelix will return to nom again for a cheap lunch. Plenty of yummy fried options such as Golden Chicken for those who throw diets to the wind
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