Friday, 15 November 2013

Miss Frank

Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

It feels like winter in Melbourne even though we are approaching summer.  It's dreary and miserable and wet.  Perfect weather to cup a warm well made latte in my frozen hands.  Which is why I headed to Miss Franks.  I have been curious to try their coffees as Through Road is often congested with people waltzing there for their coffee fix. 

A frozen hands warming latte
I am not normally a big coffee drinker as I usually find it too bitter or it makes my heart race.  But this was a lovely latte, went down silky smooth while it rained buckets outside. 
Miserable and wet outside Miss Frank's

Miss Frank also had a range of what I refer to as couture sugars to sweeten your drinks. 

Couture sugars

As it was nearing lunch time, I could not resist ordering something to eat.  The brioche with goats curd, slow roasted mushroom and fried egg was delightful - salty from the goats curd, sweet from the brioche and woodsy from the mushroom.  It was a pity it was so small.  I gobbled it down in a mouthful and had me hankering for more. 

A delightfully tasty brioch albeit a bit mingy

I loved the industrial chic vibe of the café.  It's kid friendly and pram friendly.  They even have a hydraulic lift for prams and wheelchairs so that they can access the mezzanine level. 

The deets:

Miss Frank
200 Through Road, Camberwell
ph: 90785351

Casual dining, takeaway

A bit expensive for the quantity of food.  My brioche was $10 and I was still hungry.  But the quality of the food was spot on

Nom again:
I'll go back for the coffee and it is an ideal environment for a coffee catch up with friends avec kids.  But I won't necessarily go specifically to eat there again

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Nom Seeker, Glutt


  1. Great review! Miss Frank's is definitely the best place to get coffee in the Through Road area :)

    1. Thank you! The flock of locals is definitely a give away that it's good


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