Thursday, 14 November 2013

Sushi Izu

Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

Have you seen the sushi stalls set up in most Woolworths lately?  Have you been drawn to them by the delicious smells emanating?  It smells like a pie in the oven which is strangely incongruent to what I associate with sushi smells.  When I was growing up we used to have a local newsagency which pumped out synthetic aromas of baking bread to lure in customers.  Makes me wonder whether Sushu Izu is doing the same, luring hungry shoppers and enticing them to an impulse buy of sushi!

Consider me lured.  I bought a packet of six dumplings from them.  Sushi Izu does fusion sushi.  They do have other offerings which are their take on the traditional Californian rolls, sashimi, nigari, etc.  But I baulked at their prices.  A teeny tiny serve of Californian roll was $10.  I could get similar at an actual sit-down Japanese restaurant for less!  A tiny tub of seaweed was also over $10.  I'm sorry, but I could get the exact same in a food court for half the price.  So I bought their cheapest offering. 

The dumplings come packaged like so:

It is a heat and serve affair.  As there was no ingredients list, I assumed for the price it would be a pork and veggie dumpling.  I was surprised when I bit into it, how mingy it was on the filling.  It had no discernible meat.  I say discernible because it may have some mystery meat within but I couldn't tell as the texture was a mashy mess.  I could taste some vegetable element however.  It was carroty and bamboo-shooty.  It was also very oily as you can tell from the flash back from the grease on the plate.  A very disappointing meal.  '

The deets:

Sushi Izu - within selected Woolworths stores

Most packs starting at around $10 for very small serves

Take away

Nom again:

Sushi Izu on Urbanspoon


  1. Yep. I've seen this too at Woolies... was curious but not enough to fork over money for it.

    1. Save your dosh Bureaucrat. There are much better things to nom


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