Sunday, 17 November 2013

Third Wave

Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

I am a very lucky glutton.  Today I was the +1 guest to a complementary lunch at the Third Wave. Third Wave is an interesting sort of cafe as it does a mix of Russian cuisine, Texan BBQ and the standard breakfast/brunch menu.  With such an eclectic mix, you are bound to find something to suit your mood. What is really interesting is that all this diverse food is created by a Japanese chef.  His name is Riyo Kitahara and he is the protege to the Iron Chef Sakai.

We shared a Russian sharing plate which had ricotta pancakes, a meat and mushroom blintz, potato salad and dumplings.  Mmm, it was hearty good stuff.  The ricotta pancakes were delish with blueberry jam and sour cream.  I could easily eat at least three in one sitting.   The blintz were filled with savoury yumminess.  I had a mushroom filled one and my sister had a meat one.  The potato salad had gherkin, chicken and egg in it.  Anything featuring gherkin and hard boiled eggs is a winner with me.  The dumplings were cute little nuggets and I think were made with chicken mince(?) and served with sour cream and dill. They were nice but the stars of the show, I thought were the ricotta pancakes, the potato salad and the blintz.

From top right: blintz, jam, sour cream, potato salad, ricotta pancakes


Glutt by name and glutton by nature, I convinced my sister to share a raspberry and mascarpone panini for dessert.  It was made with brioche.  I cannot walk pass a brioche without eating it.  It was a perfect ending.

Raspberry and mascarpone panini

The beverages were very well made.  We had green tea and earl grey tea and a latte.

The staff were friendly and there is an easy going relaxed feel which is what you want for a Sunday brunch.  It's refreshing to find a place which does more than the usual standard brunch / cafe options.  I was surprised to also find Paleo options as well.  I have tried the Paleo diet and lasted about a week.  Part of the reason was that it was so hard to find Paleo friendly options when dining out.  So good to see a whole page of Paleo friendly items on the menu.

The deets:

Third Wave
30 Cato St, Prahran

Most main items under $20.

Casual dining

Nom again:
Yes most definately.  I would like to try the Paleo options or the Texan BBQ ribs.  Salivating thinking about it.

Third Wave on Urbanspoon

Until next time,
Nom Seeker, Glutt

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