Friday, 22 November 2013


Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

I have a friend who has been driving 40 minutes across town to Suzuran for her fix of Japanese food for the past eight years.  I thought she was quite mad.  Then slowly, slowly, I became aware of the cult following this unassuming place has. When I embarked on my maiden journey to Suzuran today, my first impression was that it was closed. 

Unassuming exterior of Suzuran

But spending 20 minutes in Suzuran made me realised just how busy and happening this place is.  Suzuran is both a sushi bar and a Japanese grocery store.  Local Japanese were coming and going purchasing their staples.  Everyone else was popping in for the sushi.  The sushi bar were staffed by really friendly chefs.  They have a ready made section and you can make to order as well. 

Sushi bar

I grabbed the 'Lunch Bento' and the 'Sansai Ika' which is a squid salad with jew ears, bracken, ginger and chilli.  The sashimi in the bento was really fresh.  It was melt in your mouth and silky smooth.  I ate this at home surrounded by my two dogs who has developed a palate for sashimi.  The dogs were pawing at me to give them a titbit.  The Sansai Ika was very refreshing.  It was vinegary and sweet at the same time with a piquancy from the chili.  The squid was salty, fresh and mirrored the crunchy freshness of the jew ears and bracken. 

Lunch bento with accoutrements of pickled ginger, wasabi and soy sauce

Sansai Ika

I guess my friend wasn't mad driving across town for this after all. 

The deets:

1025 Burke Road
Ph 98822349

$15 for the above meal. 

Take away only.  Suzuran also does catering. 

Nom Again:
Most definitely

Suzuran on Urbanspoon

Until next time,
Nom Seeker, Glutt


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