Monday, 16 December 2013

Afghan Masala Persian Cuisine

Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

The Afghan Masala Persian Cuisine covers a lot of geographical ground.  It offers Afghani and Indian food and the owner of the place is Persian so they do Irani style cuisine as well. 

The restaurant part is connected to the bakery.  When you first walk in, you will be faced with an array of Persian and Indian sweets.  My seven year old, Bubbachuck got very excited by the display and took heaps of pictures for us with my iphone.  Here they are a few for you:

Unfortunately, whilst they appeared delectable, they did not taste good at all.  We bought a pink cookie and all it tasted of was shortening and flour.  It wasn't even sweet.  In the words of Bubbachuck, "There's no taste." We threw it away. 

The reason we were here was to purchase a heaping pile of kebabs and Afghan bread to feed a horde of  hungry boys at a gardening working bee.  I purchased the kebabs to go and a stack of fresh Afghan bread.  The kebabs came with a light sprinkling of green salad.  Since there were no plates or cutlery at the gardening bee, we used the large sheet of Afghan bread as plates and ate our bits of meat and salad off it. 

Chicken kebab - very very tasty

Lamb kebab - even tastier in my humble opinion

Using a big slab of Afghan bread as a plate - versatile. 
Whilst the sweets were disgusting, the kebabs and Afghan bread was awesome.  The meat was grilled over charcoal and the marinade was garlicky and oniony good.  The bread was fresh and it did not matter that we had not facilities to warm it up before we ate it, it tasted good anyway. 
The deets:
Afghan Masala Persian Cuisine
247 - 249 Thomas Street, Dandenong Vic 3175
ph:  03 9791 2226
$55 for 3 serves of kebabs plus salads included, 7 pieces of Afghan bread, 4 drinks and 1 sweet.  It was more than enough to feed 5 adults and 1 child. 
Casual dining and takeaway. 
Nom Again:
I won't order the sweets next time but will definitely come back for the kebabs and Afghan bread. 
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Until next time,
Nom Seeker, Glutt

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