Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Wong's Lucky Bar

Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

Trams are synonymous to Melbourne as the Opera House is to Sydney.  Wong's Lucky Bar is the only Chinese restaurant that I know of which is situated on a tram terminal. 

Tram stop dining
As you would expect people are not coming here for fine dining or even for a quiet relaxing meal. 

It's a cheap eats sort of place.  The menu reminds me of the fast food chain, Café De Coral in Hong Kong.  It's various dishes with rice, the usual types of noodles and congee.  The posters plastered on their walls also advertised cheap mud crabs with noodles. 

I ordered the tomato fried rice with black pepper steak.  It came lightning quick.  The fried rice had good "wok hai" but the steak was smothered with a thick cornstarch sauce which was a bit off putting.  The actual taste itself was ok.  Too bad the texture was so gluggy.  The serving size was huge.  Definitely a cheap and substantial feed.  The Chinese tea was free.  Which was fortunate as I needed to de-glug. 

Whilst the meal wasn't five star, you get what you paid for.  It was a quick substantial meal for when you need lunch in a hurry.  I suppose the tram is only a metre away, so in times of a quick grab and go, this might be contender. 

By the bye, I thought it was quite amusing as this place seems to have an identity crisis. The name on their front door states "Wang's Lucky Bar" whereas the branding on their roof and menus states "Wong's Lucky Bar". 

 Wang or Wong?!

The deets:

Wong's Lucky Bar
921 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill, VIC
Ph:  03 9899 8558

Average $10 for each rice or noodle dish.  Tea is complementary. 

No frills.  You are after all sitting at a tram stop. 

Nom Again:
Would consider going again.  Not beating down the door to get there but not adverse to the idea of going again. 

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