Sunday, 5 January 2014

Jenny's Hot Bread

Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

I have been a regular at Jenny's Hot Bread for some time now.  They do a Westernised version of Vietnamese baguettes which may sound a bit unauthentic at first but really who cares because they offer a tasty alternative to the usual pork and pate filling.

Jenny's does bbq chicken with satay sauce in a white baguette with coriander, lettuce, carrot and tomato filling.  All this for under $4.  It is not uncommon to see queues lining up outside at peak times.

Perhaps even better than the satay baguettes are the prawn spring rolls.  It is tempting to order a couple of these to go with the baguette.

For Seinfeld fans out there, do your remember the Soup Nazi?  Jenny the proprietor of Jenny's Hot Bread remind me of the Soup Nazi.  She doesn't really yell at the customers per se, at the most she may come off as abrupt.  But she sure lets it rip at the staff.  I don't speak Vietnamese so I don't really know the content of her one-way conversations to the timid staff but guessing from the tone, I'm thinking she runs a very tight ship.  I don't need to physically describe Jenny to you.  I am sure when you visit, you would be able to spot her.  Clue:  Lady hacking with the big meat cleaver with a somewhat aggressive countenance.  Ok, I admit, I'm a teeny bit scared of her.  

The deets:

Jenny's Hot Bread
535 Riversdale Road, Camberwell  VIC 3124
ph: 03 9813 9489

Baguette for under a fiver.

Take away only

Nom Again:

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