Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Mrs Parma's

Greetings Fellow Nom Seekers!

Mrs Parma’s has always been one of my favourite pubs for a nice parmagiana.  A few weeks ago, it just so happened, I was passing by this institution during lunch hours. As it was about 35 degrees celcius outside, I knew I needed a place to cool my heels and tank up.

The place was packed with pre-Christmas revellers and I was asked if I wouldn't  mind eating at the counter - which I don't. I sat down, look at the menu and ordered a Frank and Parma (Crispy frankfurter with ketchup and mustard), chips and a drink.

Frank and Parma.  Is it really necessary to have a sausage on top?
The drink arrived quickly and the meal arrived within a few minutes. The thickness of the parma was the same throughout for an even cooking. It is advertised that each chicken breast is about 230 grams but to me it looks bigger. This was not an issue as I enjoyed every bite.

Half an hour later, two Lemon lime and bitters, chips and a parma down, I was ready to brave the sweltering heat. It was as satisfying as I remember and will definitely be going back.

The deets:

Mrs Parma’s, 25 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne Victoria
Phone : (03) 9639 2269

Approx $30 for the above eal and drinks

Casual dining

Nom again:

Mrs Parma's on Urbanspoon


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