Saturday, 22 February 2014

Grill'd Burgers

Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

I ofttimes feel a bit guilty eating a juicy burger but my guilt is somewhat assuaged when the burgers are from Grilled.  Why?  Because some of their burger offerings have salsa instead of mayo.  Also I'm rationalising that their chips are thicker cut - less surface area to volume ratio ergo less surface for oil absorption.  Look, I may be drawing a long bow on the last one but I'll convince myself of anything to eat their yummy rosemary speckled chips.

My relatively guilt-free order is generally the El Hombre burger (see above and I could not help myself by posing it with an hombre).  This is a chicken breast with salsa, black beans, tortilla, cheese and avocado.  I have mine on a wholemeal bun to earn brownie points towards eating a vast amount of chips.  The beans are quite spicy but it works well as the grilled chicken breast is quite bland.  I like the tortilla chip inside the burger - it's a bit different than your average hamburger.

Kiddo has the 'Mini Me' pack which consist of a wee sized beef burger. Although you could opt for a chicken one.  But frankly speaking, their beef patties are tastier than their chicken breasts.  I just ordered a chicken burger because of the aforementioned guilt factor.  Kiddo usually inhales her meal.  It also comes with a small serve of thick cut chips with rosemary salt and a juice box or water. It also has a small box of colouring pencils and an activity sheet. We also ordered in addition to this, a herbed mayo dipping sauce for the chips.  Seriously good.

It comes in fairly sturdy hence transportable takeaway box / bag.  Perfect for those, can't be bothered cooking nights.  Lego figurines not included :)

I should add that they have gluten free buns as well as salad options.

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