Saturday, 22 March 2014

Wombat Hill House

 Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

With the name of "Wombat Hill House", how could you not love the place?  Nestled within the picturesque Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens in Daylesford, the vibe was very Beatrix Potterish with a board of wombat sightings locations .  It was just a magical environment.

As we were famished from the drive up from Melbourne, we ordered a good fry up.  Fish and chips.  The fish was whiting and it came with shoestring fries and aioli.  Perfectly done.  The only downside was that whiting, being whiting was a bit on the wee side.

The eggplant curry with basmati rice was more substantial and it was flavourful without the spicy heat.  It came with a little side bowl of carrot pickles.  

Kiddo had the kid's pack which was a cheese and chutney toasted sandwich with a smartie cookie and an iced chocolate.  It was woofed down in no time.  Proof that it was good. 

And for no other reason that because we love fried carbs, we had to have the wedges.  No regrets there.  The baby potatoes had their skins intact and it was so comforting to tuck into the bowl of these.  

To finish, I had my first "red latte".  This is a rooibos tea latte and it was the most gorgeous orangey - red colour.  I think I prefer this to a real latte and it came sweetened with a bit of honey.  We also ordered a soy chai latte which was slightly anaemic in colour.  Having tried both, I say that the red latte trumps the chai latte.  

I would definitely be coming back here next time I am in Daylesford.  I would love to try out a picnic hamper and eat out in the beautiful botanical gardens.  I'm pretty sure wombats are nocturnal so I won't hold my breath for a sighting.  I think I'll be too busy eating anyway...

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