Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Preserved Figs

Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

It was an exceptionally hot dry summer this year and as a result, the fig yield has been a little on the scarce side.  What I didn't realise until recently was that figs ripen on trees, so there was no point in picking them green to 'beat the birds' because they will remain like hard little nuggets.  So with a bag of hard little green nuggets which refused to ripen, I did a bit googling and came across this site called the Urban Outdoor Skills which had a great recipe for green unripe figs.

The recipe was very easy to follow with clear photos as each major step.  Here are mine:

They taste very similar to a ripe fig with a hint of cloves.  I used Stevia instead of sugar.  It was not overly syrupy (a good thing in my book).

Serving ideas:

  • with yoghurt or ice cream
  • topped with cream cheese and almonds and warmed in the oven
  • with muesli
  • and of course, on it's own
Oven roasted figs with cream cheese and almond flakes
Until next time...

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