Saturday, 19 April 2014


Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

Kingsway, Glen Waverley is no longer the sleepy backstreet of the 'burbs.  I was surprised to see a jazz band setting up outside Shine Bar and Lounge on a lazy Sunday.  Curious, we decided to have lunch there and check out the scene.

Musos setting up
Shine does a the usual breakfast egg and bacon affair;  grilled meats and pizzas and pasta.  I would class it as bistro/pub food.  They also have a kids menu for $11.  Whilst waiting we ordered the following:

The skewered lamb with fattoush salad.  This one was my order.  The lamb was cooked to order.  It was juicy yet lean and coated with delicious zatar seasoning.  The Persian fetta in the fattoush was very creamy.  The dish also came with a choice of sauce (bernaise, red wine or mushroom).  I chose the mushroom sauce to have on the side.  Lucky I requested the sauce on the side as I found the dish perfect as is and it would have been too heavy smothered in an additional sauce.

Kiddo had her calamari and chips from the kid's menu.  The calamari's crummage was really crispy.  I think it was yum.  I can only surmise as she would not spare me a bit.  It came with tartare sauce and green salad.

The chicken parmagiana was not my order however I have been advised it was a very nicely done parma.  Juicy and substantial.  

We also ordered a few OJs which we did not take photos of.  The meal totaled to $65.  

The staff were really solicitious and kept checking to make sure we are happy, etc.  Shine has an upstairs lounge area which I have yet to explore but I have been told it gets pretty busy at nights.  

It was an enjoyable meal with some great live music.  Idyllic for a lazy Sunday.  

If you are looking for a feed joint on Kingsway Glen Waverley, you may also like to read our reviews on Waya;  Straits of Malacca;  Ajisen Ramen; The Grand Tofu and Taiwan Cafe.  Or the East Empress within walking distance. Some of the places we had a good dining experiences at and some we didn't.  I find the Kingsway strip is a bit of a mixed bag in terms of eateries.  

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Until next time...
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