Thursday, 17 April 2014

Things of Thai

Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

Things of Thai is located in the Tooronga Village Stockland complex.  It's our quickie take away fix for nights where we can't be pfaffed to cook anything.  Whilst apparently it is Thai, I found most of their menu items were more Malaysian hawker stall in nature eg curry laksa, Ipoh noodles, Penang curry, Hainanese chicken...  Far be it for me to quibble over their origins...

Here is what we regularly order:


Ipoh noodles.  These are broad rice noodles with an egg gravy and assortment of seafood, chicken and veggies.  I like that they do chicken breast as I hate lumpy bits of fatty thigh fillets in my noodles.  The egg gravy is nice and comforting.  I do have a bone to pick though - I have been eating here since the Tooronga complex opened and have noticed portion shrinkage over the past year.  Still taste great though.  Even though there is generally less of it.

Nasi Goreng.  Fragrant and not too spicy.  Good serving size as they really pack it down into the noodle boxes.

Curry laksa is de rigueur.  Once again, nice pieces of lean chicken breast.  The broth is not too spicy so that kiddo can eat it.  Could probably do with more veggies but I understand a traditional curry laksa is not so veggie dense.

All in all, it is a passable take away joint .  It's not going to blow your world away but it will do on a desperate weeknight when the fridge is bare. It has a few small tables to eat in if you wish.

A head's up if you are googling the location of this place.  It is within the Tooronga Stockland complex which in itself sits on the border of three suburbs (Hawthorn East, Malvern and Glen Iris) and at an intersection of two roads (Toorak and Tooronga).  So depending on where you look, the address is listed in a myriad of different combinations.  Also to make things more complicated, the shop itself is called Things of Thai.  However on its noodle boxes they have printed 'Thing of Thai', as in the singular.  So if you are searching for the place on line, try typing the plural version as that is what I've noted on their Google+ page.

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Until next time...
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