Wednesday, 7 May 2014

3Ate3 Cafe

Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

Two new experiences for me today:
  1. I got to try out the relatively new 3Ate3 Cafe in Camberwell and,
  2. I got to order my meal using Menulog* What is Menulog?  More on this later in the post.  
3Ate3 Cafe is a regular cafe serving cakes and sandwiches, etc for breakfast and lunch.  By night time, it serves up predominantly Asian fare with the odd pasta dish for which they have a home delivery service for. Firstly let me show you what I ordered from 3Ate3 Cafe's menu:

First up, is the seafood curry laksa.  It had loads of little baby clams and baby mussels and calamari rings.  Kiddo's favourite food is curry laksa and she prefers it with the white noodles which this came with (bonus!).  The curry laksa soup was fairly mild.  Not as spicy as the one in Straits of Malacca which is a fortunate thing for kiddo.  The soup was creamier than a hawker stall type laksa which is not necessarily a negative thing, it still tasted great.

I ordered the Nasi Goreng.  This was relatively loaded with vegetables for a nasi goreng (not complaining!) and I like the fact it used chicken breast meat which I find much nicer in a fried rice.  It was spicy without the heat and I really enjoyed the shelled prawns throughout.  It did not come with the ubiqutous fried egg which left me a bit disappointed however I was very impressed that my request for the nasi goreng to be made without sugary sauces was respected and followed through. I have had bad experiences at other Chinese restaurants which ignore any dietary requirements.  So I am very pleased that 3Ate3 Cafe can accommodate dietary quirks.  

The above two dishes totaled $25 with a $5 home delivery fee.  

All in all, 3Ate3 Cafe delivers a satisfying mid week takeaway meal.  

3ate3 Cafe on Urbanspoon

Now onto "Menulog, #1 for online takeway".  Their site is very easy to use.  For example, I typed in the suburb Camberwell, into the Menulog search engine and a list of participating takeaway restaurants in the vicinity pops up.  See Camberwell Food Delivery.    I can then filter by cuisine, minimum spend or opening hours etc and I can then easily navigate between different restaurants' menus.  For example, here is the 3Ate3 Cafe menu.  Ordering is straight forward, just a few clicks and there are a variety of payment options.  Within minutes of placing my order, a SMS comes through to give me an estimated delivery time.  I was very impressed with 3Ate3 Cafe, they arrived 10 minutes earlier than projected with my meal!  Yay!  

Would I use Menulog again?  Yes.  I hate having clutter in my kitchen so I never keep takeaway fliers, etc.  Using Menulog, I can view the current price menus of my local takeaway restaurants without having the clutter.  The ability to filter by what is open at the time is also very useful if you need a feed at odd hours.  Also it is a handy site if you are new or unfamiliar to an area.  They also have meal deals and loyalty specials, so it's worth checking out.  

Until next time..

*Although the meal at 3Ate3 Cafe was complementary care of Menulog, all opinions expressed are my very own.  
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