Sunday, 1 June 2014

Peter's Fish Market, Gold Coast

Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

A trip to the Gold Coast landed me in one of my favourite eating joints for lunch - Peter’s Fish Market where you can either order cooked seafood or simply buy fresh seafood. It is also a great spot to have a quick and cheap meal by the water after a jaunt to Seaworld.  

On this occasion, I did a variation on the fish and chips theme. I ordered half a serve of chips (how very restrained of me) for $3 with calamari, prawn cutlets and scallops.  All this totaled $13 plus $2 extra for the tartare sauce which I thought was a very reasonable price given we are in a touristy hot spot.  The prawn cutlets got a double thumbs up.  

Tucking into good seafood waterside, basking in the warm sunshine with squawking seagulls overhead is an epitome of the good life in Queensland.  *sigh*  That is my 'happy place' which I conjure up when faced with dreary Melbourne winter ahead.

Same waterfront at dusk.  *sigh*

Peter's Fish Market on Urbanspoon

Until next time...
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