Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Grand Noodle

Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

Grand Noodle is a good solid takeaway staple for those nights where you just can't be faffed.  They do a more Westernised take on the standard hawker store noodles and rice dishes.  The serving sizes are decent and the service is quick - no mucking about.

Our standard order (for we are predictable people) include:

Curry Laksa
 Their curry laksa had loads more veggies than the more traditional curry laksa, which is actually a positive.

Nasi Goreng
Their Nasi Goreng had plenty of BBQ within and not too spicy which made it family friendly.

Char Kwai Teow
 So this may not be the most authentic tasting Char Kwai Teow I have ever tasted but as stir fried noodles go, it tasted more than fine.  Better than what I am capable of.

In summary - Grand Noodle, a handy go-to takeaway place.  It might not be authentic hawker stall fare but it tastes more than fine, service is quick and serves are substantial.

Grand Noodle on Urbanspoon

Until next time...
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