Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Taro Ice Cream

Taro ice cream 

Hello Fellow Nom  Seekers!

I have been Googling recipes for taro ice cream ever since my Aunt was reminiscing about eating a taro flavoured ice cream bought from a street vendor over 40 years ago.  She was waxing lyrical about how absolutely delicious it was.  Whilst I have never come across taro in ice cream form, I surmised it would taste awesome.  Taro itself once cooked down takes on a creamy consistency and it has a mild macedemia nutty taste to it.  With the addition of coconut, it was a tropical South East Asia holiday in a bowl.

I discovered this wonderful site, called Serious Eats which had an easy to follow and easy to make taro ice cream recipe.  I was sold on the idea.  What's particularly great about the recipe (apart from it's fool proofiness), was that it used real taro versus the alarmingly coloured purple taro powder commonly found in bubble teas.

Here are a few pics of my taro icecream making experience.  For recipe details from Serious Eats, go here. 
I followed their recipe to the letter with the exception of straining the mixture as I rather liked having little niblets of taro speckled in my ice cream.  I replaced sugar with stevia in a 1:1 ratio - I rationalised I cam eat more ice cream as it's sugar free!  Another wonderful thing about this recipe is that it is egg-free so for anyone with egg allergies, eat away with abandon.

Shredding the taro - a good arm workout

Cooking down the egg-free mixture

The churn-inator

A bowlful of yum
I also recently made Matcha (green tea) ice cream.  Recipe here. Matcha ice cream is a lot cleaner in flavour than the taro.  But I think I prefer the taro because it's like a frozen tong shui.  Yum.

Until next time...

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