Saturday, 15 March 2014

Food Travelogue - Sigatoka Market, Fiji

Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

Or should I shall a hearty "Bula!"?  For the last few winters we have been migrating to Fiji to escape the cold even if it is only for a week or so.  The Fijians are so friendly and the culture so inclusive to young and old, I wish I could permanently live there *sigh*.

Sigatoka is a little village on the coral coast of Fiji.  It is the closest village to our resort, The Intercontinental Fiji which is the most serene place I have ever set foot in (once again, if only I could permanently live there).  We ventured to their fruit and veggie market.  Here is a quickie slide show of the pics.  There were loads of kava which is a herbal sedative and relaxant.  Australian customs allowed us to bring a small amount home for 'medicinal and cultural' purposes. We tried some but didn't notice any real effects - maybe we needed a stronger dose? Or maybe I need to take kava surrounded by a stunning Fijian beach on a balmy night to fully appreciate it?

Until next time...

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