Saturday, 8 March 2014

Pad Thai

Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

I figured it is a promising indicator of authenticity when I see Thai people eating at a Thai restaurant.  Pad Thai restaurant tucked away in the Target Centre in Melbourne CBD is one such place.

I have had their Pad Thai and Basil Beef with Rice before.  All very delicious.  If you are a chilli wimp, the staff do tend to steer you towards the pad thai which is fairly innocuous.  But the other day, I thought I will throw caution to the wind and try something I have never eaten or heard of before - the Wet Suki.  What intrigued me was the name.  Also it did no have an accompanying photo on the menu.  So naturally my imagination ran wild with what little Miss Suki may look like.  It was like a blind date.  I was sitting at my table, anticipating the arrival of Miss Suki.

I was a bit disappointed when Suki arrived at my table looking a bit disheveled like this:

But on tasting, I realised I should never judge a Suki by its cover.  I was really pleased with it.  It wasn't the usual Thai dish that everyone orders.  The Wet Suki was glass noodles in a fermented beancurd broth.  The broth had a slight tang to it and it was definitely fiery.  There was an obligatory egg in there which had been poached in the broth.  A good selection of vegetables and I was happy to see kang kung (water spinach) in there as I absolutely love the stuff.  It had a few pieces of poached chicken breast.  I only wished there were more noodles.  There was plenty of broth and veggies but not enough noodles to sop up the spicy broth.  The pig that I am, I was a wee bit peckish still afterwards and needed a piece of cake and hot chocolate to be replete.

Pad Thai had a good selection of chilli quenching beverages:  aloe vera drinks in a variety of flavours, chrysanthemum tea, iced tea, etc.  I had a low sugar aloe vera drink which was very refreshing.

The Thai Style Wet Suki was part of Pad Thai's $10 lunch menu.  I will definitely be going back to try other items on the list.  Just slowly working my way through systemically...

Are you also looking for a Thai fix in Melbourne's east?  Riversdale Thai is a reasonable suburban stand in.  See review here.  Can't be bothered heading all that way out of the city?  Why not try some Indonesian food at Nusantara, which is across Bourke St from Pad Thai?  See review here.  

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