Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

Eaton Mall in Oakleigh on a Sunday is quite the unexpectedly happening place.  After a very satisfying visit to Meat Me Souvlakeri a few weeks back, we decided to stroll down the mall again to see what else takes our fancy.

This time we went to "5five".  At first I was a bit reluctant to dine there.  After all we are in the Greek heartland in Oakleigh and it seems like a cop out to eat at a burger place.  But I'm glad we gave it a shot.  This is what we ordered:

A main sized calamari salad to share as an entree.  This was totally divine.  The calamari was nice and tender and in satisfyingly big chunks.  The crummage was light and well seasoned.  It seemed like a popular order for other diners as well.

Ok, so we got a bit carried away with the calamari....kiddo also ordered it as part of a kid's meal.  It came in a dinky little chip basket with fries.  She was very happy with it and vacuumed the whole thing up.  It's nice to see a place use real calamari for the kid's meal and not reconstituted faux calamari.

I ordered the chicken parma which was a big tender piece of breast.  It was surprisingly juicy and the Greek salad was very much appreciated as a side.

Last but not least, in a burger joint, you have to order the burger.  This is the "classico" and came on a brioche bun...yum!  They had the tiniest wee pickles. It was a juicy patty and the relish had a nice buzz.

I gather 5five does a lot of the baking on site.  They had a mezzanine section in which a few staff members were busy baking cakes and desserts.  Here is their dessert cabinet - very drool worthy.  If I wasn't so stuff from downing that big chicken parma, I would have loved to try their eclairs or carrot cake or vanilla slice...

The staff were really friendly and even though the place was very busy during Sunday lunch, they still made the time to chit chat.  On a side note, the above meal cost $68 to give you an idea on the costs.

I will definitely be going back.  I've decided I would try their sliders and maybe chase that down with a strawberry tart on my subsequent visit.  Forward planning!

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Until next time...
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