Saturday, 26 April 2014

Claypot King

Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

Kiddo and I have a love for Century Old Eggs which border onto an obsession.  They are duck eggs preserved in a mixture of salt, ash and quicklime.  The resulting taste is a mix of ammonia and sulphur (ok, so it doesn't sound so yum in writing but trust me, once hooked, you would be hooked for life).  The appearance is how I have always imagined a Khaleesi Dragon egg - a yoke of concentric green/black rings and a gooey centre;  what used to be the whites, a translucent dark green black with occasional smatterings of white crystalline snowflakes suspended within.  It's like a rare gemstone or a mutant alien sprog.

Which leads me to our ongoing quest for good century old egg congee.  The best congee is Mum-Made.  However sometimes, it's good to have a commercial source for that quickie fix.  We recently sampled the century old egg congee with pork at Claypot King as a take away.

It would be left in the dust if you compared it to a Mum-Made version of the same congee.  However for a fast food equivalent at a Chinese food outlet, I was surprised that the Claypot King congee had a reasonable amount of century old egg.  The pork was also lean and the rice creamy. It also did taste too MSG-sy, meaning I could not detect it which does not necessarily mean that it was MSG-free.  It was just not MSG-obvious.  We also got the Chinese donuts to go with it - deep fried awesomeness.

Since I anticipated Kiddo to steal most of the congee, I ordered another dish so that I was not left with crumbs.  I got the Char Kway Teow which is a Malaysian styled rice noodles.  I was a bit disappointed that it looked or tasted nothing like the authentic Malaysian style version.  It was weirdly a bit sweet and lacked the chilli kick.  Also the traditional elements of fish cake, Chinese sausage appear to be lacking.  

The Claypot King is akin to food court food but the congee exceeded expectations.  I would probably go back for the congee alone with perhaps a couple of sticks of Chinese donuts to dunk in it and give their noodles a miss.

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