Thursday, 3 April 2014

Real Food For You

Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

If you guys haven't visited the predominantly Melbourne based food blog, Eat and Be Merry For Tomorrow We Die(t), then you've been living under a rock!  They are the 2nd ranked food blog on Urbanspoon Melbourne and I recently had the pleasure of having lunch with one of their bloggers, the Bureaucrat.  She introduced me to this teeny tiny shop called "Real Food For You" which sells gluten friendly lunches in the CBD.

Typically there are a couple of hot food options to choose from daily with cold salady/sandwichy items pre-made in the fridge.  There are about four bar stools to perch on if you want to eat in but you've got to be lucky during peak lunch hour to score a stool.  

We tried the following:

Red bean and fetta stew in a large.  I'm a bit undecided whether I liked this one or not.  Yes, it is a healthy beany concoction and my body would be grateful for all this nourishing goodness but in all honesty, does it taste better than a burger?  No.  I miss my meat and the red beans didn't really fill my meat-void.  The fetta was nice but there wasn't enough of it to bridge the gap to real tastiness.  The lady at the counter described as a 'clean' tasting dish.  It left me wholly unsatisfied with a craving for chocolate.  The basmati rice was a little hard - perhaps a bit underdone or maybe it was a bit cold?

The Bureaucrat ordered the Beef Rendang which was a much tastier choice.  It had satisfying chunks of meat and the veggies make a healthy addition as a traditional Rendang would be veggie-less.

Would I go there again?  Yes but I'll steer clear of the bean stews and stick with a meaty curry or try one of their soups.

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Until next time...
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