Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Food Travelogue - Malaysia, The Chicken Rice Shop

Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

Not long ago we accompanied Kiddo on her pilgrimage to Legoland in Johor, Malaysia.  Our driver recommended we avoid the usual theme park food and opt for one of the restaurants in the Medina Complex next to Legoland.  He actually recommended The Chicken Rice Shop as it had a reputation of being a family restaurant and reasonably priced.  If I had to compare The Chicken Rice Shop to something familiar in Australia, I would say it is a chicken rice equivalent of the Grill'd burger joints.

We ordered two of their meal 'pax 'and an additional noodle for Kiddo.

I had the Healthy Meal  (RM 16.50 which roughly translated to $5-ish AUD, it was a bargain!).  Here's what I got, including a cup of tea (not pictured):

Steamed chicken breast with all the trimmings (dipping sauces and rice)

Chicken soup, soya egg and braised tofu

Pak choy
I very much enjoyed my Healthy Meal.  The chicken was silken and well cooked.  The veggies were steamed nicely and not over done.  Loved the soya egg and tofu and could have easily eaten more.  I didn't drink the soup as I feared it looked a bit greasy.  For under $6 AUD, it was a very decent meal and way better than fast food option.

P ordered the Hainanese Chicken Rice Meal (RM 15.50).  The following is what came with the pax (tea not pictured).  I just realised upon uploading the pictures, they forgot to give us the Ipoh bean sprouts which supposedly came with the pax.

This is the Hainanese curry chicken, rice, soup and the sweets

Nyonya Pai Tee
P reported he really enjoyed the curried chicken.  We didn't eat the Pai tee or the sweets as it looked really sugary.  Too bad we only realised the bean sprouts were MIA after we left the country.  But once again, for approximately $5 AUD, it was great value.

Kiddo had a bowl of laksa (RM 11.90).  It looked very fresh and plenty of veggies within.

For more details on The Chicken Shop(s) peppered throughout Asian, click here. When travelling through Malaysia and Singapore, I would definitely pick The Chicken Rice Shop over say, McDonalds or other fast food outlets purely because it offers fairly healthy fare at reasonable prices.

Until next time...
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