Saturday, 20 September 2014

Kenji (Revisit)

Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

I love the Japanese food at Kenji and go there regularly for a fix.  See previous Kenji post here. Since I have been clocking up the Kenji miles lately, a little update is in order.

Unagi bento is one of my favourites out there.  For $17 you get a generously stuffed bento with big slabs of melt in your mouth unagi (eel). Accompanying the bento is a cup of miso soup, side salad with a sesame dressing, edaname beans, chicken karage (fried chicken), gyoza, tempura prawn, fried squid on a stick and a corn and potato croquette.  Phew!  That's a lot of eating.

Miso soup

Fried squid on a stick


Corn and potato croquette

Tempura prawn
On a separate occasion, I stopped by for a sushi snack ($6.80) and a couple of hand rolls as a take away.  My favourites are the spicy chicken and the avocado hand rolls ($2.80 each)

Spicy chicken and avocado handrolls

Sushi pack
All the ingredients were very fresh.  I would recommend the sushi here over any food court sushi any day.  If you haven't been to Kenji's yet, it is definitely worth a look-in.  Go here for Kenji's contact details.

Until next time...
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