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Mei Jing Chinese Restaurant

Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

One good way to have brunch on a Sunday is to go to yum cha.  Despite Mei Jing being a bit off the beaten track for many (being situated in the outer Eastern suburbs of Melbourne), it does good standard yum cha offerings at reasonable prices.  They also have a two hour sitting which is much less rushed than many busier Chinese restaurants which stipulate you must be in and out within an hour.  An important thing for yum cha is the pace the food comes out.  We were pleased that there was a steady stream of mains and desserts rolling pass. 

Obelix, Bubbachuck and I were very lucky to have been shouted out at Mei Jing.  Being in a group of seven means we could sample quite a few things on the menu without being too piggish.  Mei Jing does a solid standard  of typical yum cha offerings such as: har gao (prawn dumplings), sui mei (pork dumplings), chicken feet, meatballs, steamed rice noodles with prawn and sticky rice in lotus leaf.  We also had a few of the other dumplings which are considered more luxe such as the silken tofu stuffed with prawn meat and scallops.  There was a good range of desserts and we stuck to the good ole favourites such as: tofu fa (warm silken tofu with a ginger syrup), custard tarts and mango pudding.  One thing I was looking out for was the sui long bao (the Shanghai-nese soup dumplings) which unfortunately they did not have.  Come to think of it, I also did not recall seeing the other baos usually in a typical yum cha line up such as char sui bao (bbq pork buns) or custard buns.  But at the time, the baos were certainly not missed because there was considerable variety of other less stodgy things to eat. 

Typical Chinese restaurant interior.  It is quite roomy between the tables by Chinese restaurant standards. 

Ham Sui Gok.  This is fried glutinous rice shell exterior with a pork mince interior which has a slight sweet taste.   

Sui Mei (on the left) and Sin Jok Guin (pork and prawn filling wrapped in beancurd sheets).  Both worth tasting.   

Meatballs Chinese style.  It has a slight mandarin peel seasoning and served with worchestershire dipping sauce.   Sounds like a weird combo but it works.

Chicken feet.  I don't usually eat this because I consider this a waste of calories but my mum reported they were very nice and not overly deep fried before braising which is a plus in her book. 

Har Gao (prawn dumpling).  Love.  Could eat at least two dozen if I could.   

Sticky rice in lotus leaf. So-so.  I've had better.   

 Deep fried wonton.  Obelix had several so it must have been good. 

Mango pudding served with evaporated milk.  My sister and her fiancé seemed to enjoy this.   

Tofu fa.  That was good!  Nothing much to look at but it was delicate and silken and warm and gingery.  My ideal comfort food. 

The deets:

Mei Jing Chinese Restaurant
703 Boronia Road, Wantirna VIC
ph:  03 98871508

Approximately $125 for seven people for yum cha.  That's considered pretty good value. 

Casual dining

Nom again:
Yes for sure. 

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