Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Featherston Bar And Kitchen

Greetings Fellow Nom Seekers!

Eating in a new country or a new city is a pastime I enjoy immensely. I was in Wellington, New Zealand, a very nom-worthy place. Unfortunately as it always does in Wellington, the rain and the wind decided to join me on my quest for food. It was seriously raining sideways which is apparently the norm. To escape the wet, I hunkered down at a very cosy bar/restaurant nearby called "Featherston Bar and Grill" nearby to my hotel.  It is also known as "Featherston Bar and Kitchen" on their own website.

The very friendly staff guided me to my table and handed me the menu. As I was in a steak and chips sort of place, it was only fitting that I order from the grill.  In this case, I ordered a 500 grams sirloin on the bone. The food arrived quickly and the presentation looked fantastic with the chips being served in a basket. The only drawback was that I had requested my steak to be medium done but unfortunately half of the steak was raw :(

Hats off to whoever purchased the meat as it was top quality and taste.  It was such a shame I had to leave the still moo-ing part on my plate.    

The deets:

Featherston Bar and Grill
Corner of Featherston and Johnston St, Wellington 6011, New Zealand
ph: +64 44724 045

Approximately $40NZD for the steak and chips

Bistro/pub setting. 

Nom Again:
Yes.  But may ask for a 'well done' steak and hopefully end up with a medium steak as they tend to underdo the meat.

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Nom Seeker, Obelix

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