Saturday, 7 December 2013

Soda Rock Diner

Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

Sometimes we all succumb to a bit of kitsch.  I'm a particular sucker for Americana kitsch.  And the Soda Rock Diner in South Yarra embodies all of 1950s drugstore vibe - the juke box music, the Elvis memorabilia, the burgers and fries.  The Soda Rock Diner is an anomaly on the corner of the fashionista heartland of Toorak Road and Chapel Street.  Juke box music blasts from the front entrance beckoning you and your blue suede shoes to come on in and stay awhile. 

When in Rome or when in a replica of small town America, do as the Romans do.  We ordered a fries-focused lunch of:

The hubcap burger with standard fries

Nuggets and curly fries

Chili-dog with cheesy fries

To channel the soda fountain concept, our soda (or soft drinks) came in tall glasses and the waiter brought out with a grand flourish a canister of straws for us to choose from. 

The meal arrived in a timely manner.  It wasn't the best burger or chili dog or nuggets we have ever had.  But it was ok.  The food was hot, the drinks were cold.  Decent sized servings.  Nothing to write home about and nothing to complain about.  If I had to pick which part of the meals I enjoyed the most, I would have to say the curly fries.  I think most patrons come here, not so much for the tastiest of the meal but for the whole experience of a by-gone era.  It was a bit of fun. 

The deets:

Soda Rock Diner
257 Toorak Road, South Yarra, VIC
Ph:  03 9827 3500

Between $15 - $20 per person including drinks

Casual dining

Nom Again:
I'll probably go for a milkshake for the kitsch factor but forego actually eating there. 

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Until next time,
Nom Seeker, Glutt. 

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