Friday, 6 December 2013

Dumpling Plus

Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

My grandpa made the best dumplings I have ever tasted.  And with the ingratitude of youth, I didn't appreciate it at the time.  I had thought my life would be one long dumpling filled ride.  So now with no homemade dumplings of my grandpa's calibre to be had, I am on a life long quest for amazing dumplings. 

I wouldn't go so far to say my quest has been complete but Dumpling Plus does a passable attempt. 

The dough is a bit thick which is an indication of the expertise of the dumpling maker.  A good rule of thumb is the thinner the dough/pastry the more delicate and artful the dumpling is.  The filling is with pork and garlic chives.  It's a tasty filling.  I suspect a wee bit MSG-y as I get thirsty afterwards.  One advantage of getting one's dumpling hit from Dumpling Plus is that they are pan fried and ready to go.  So no waiting around.  Also you can see the ladies wrapping the dumplings through the glass.  (Sorry if the photo is a bit blurry but I felt a bit intrusive aiming my camera at the ladies hard at work and because of the thick glass wall, I couldn't ask their permission to be photographed.)

A plate of ten dumplings sets you back $11.80.  I recall I used to be stuffed to the gills eating ten in one sitting but either the dumplings have shrunk in size or my greed has grown exponentially as I feel I can easily fit another five or so in.  They do other made to order hawker style noodle dishes and the usual fried rice with lemon chicken, etc but I don't bother with those.  It's for the dumplings I come for. 

The deets:

Dumpling Plus
1341 Dandenong Road, Malvern East, VIC 3145
ph:  03 9563 3035

$11.80 for 10 dumplings

It's in a food court.  Tables available as well as take away

Nom again:
Until I find a better more easily accessible dumpling place, yes, I will nom again. 

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Until next time,
Nom Seeker, Glutt

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