Sunday, 29 December 2013

WTF?! (What's For Tea): Samosas

Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

We have been busy making samosas for our New Year's nibblies. These are great as you can fold them ahead of time and freeze them.  When it's time to serve, then fry them.  The recipe here is for curry beef samosas but we have also made them with curry tuna or potato and peas for the vegetarians - anything goes, let your imagination run wild.  In all seriousness, the samosas are deep fried so you can fill them with essentially anything and they will taste good, proving my point that anything deep fried = good stuff.

The recipe below makes approximately 60 samosas.  I tend to err on the side of more when making the filling so that I have a bit left over to make a great toasted sandwich.


  • 1 pack of large square spring roll wrappers
  • 500g lean mince beef
  • 3 tablespoon of curry powder (or to taste depending on the level of heat of your curry powder and how much you can take)
  • 1 large onion finely diced
  • 500g of cooked potato, diced into small cubes
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • olive oil for frying.  It's a bit tricky giving an estimate of how much oil to use for frying as it depends on the dimensions of your pan/pot you are frying in.  Basically you would need enough oil to cover the base of the pan and enough to submerge your samosas (see pic)


  1. Fry up the onions and your mince with the curry powder and seasoning.  Cook this through and mix with the cooked diced potatoes.  Let this cool.  
  2. Taking your large square of spring roll wrappers from the packet, keep them stacked together whilst you divide the square into four even rectangles.  That is, cut three lines down the square sheet.  Do this with the stack of wrappers still stacked so that you don't have to divide each individual sheet.  So now you have essentially strips of wrappers.  
  3. It's pretty difficulty describing in words how to fold a samosa.  I have found a YouTube clip by Yazzy999 who demonstrates how to fold a samosa in 30 seconds.  
  4. Once you've made your samosas, you can either freeze them at this point or fry them.  
  5. Heat up the oil in your pan until it reaches boiling point.  Then turn this down to a medium heat.  Put batches of samosas in your pan to fry until it reaches a golden brown.  
  6. Drain on kitchen paper.  
  7. Serve with sweet chilli sauce and beer!

Until next time,
Nom Seeker, Glutt

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