Wednesday, 15 January 2014

MKS Spices N Things

Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

MKS Spices N Things is a deceptively quiet looking place.  On the outside, it looks like an Indian grocery store and DVD place.  But walk inside, there is cooked food being sold on premises.  And it is pretty decent quick eats Indian food.  If you stand outside at lunch time for even a couple of minutes as I did to take the exterior photo, at least six or so people came and went in the space of two minutes to buy their lunch. 

The food isn't cooked to order but they have a regular selection of Indian favourites.  I got the curry chicken, chicken korma and roti this time around.  The roti was a bit stale tasting but the curry was lovely.  It was just as good as any curry you would either make at home or get from a restaurant.  Plenty of actual chicken meat versus just sauce.  Might be worthwhile to just get the curries to take home to serve with your own rice or roti, etc.  The chicken korma (I think it might be a korma.  It wasn't labled but it had a creamier appearance than the curry) was also delicious.  Not too heat intense - perfect if you are serving it to children.  We had our's with dahl puri which we already had at home.

MKS Spices N Things also does the regular fried Indian offerings such as samosas, fritters, etc.  I was very surprised to see Tandoori chicken as well.  I will put that on my list of things to try for next time. 

Curry Chicken and Roti
Chicken Korma on a Dahl Puri
And if you prefer to make your own Indian feast, they have an extensive grocery section. 

The deets:

MKS Spices'n Things
382 Warrigal Road, Ashburton VIC 3147
Ph: 03  9885 9932

Less than $10 for most dishes. 

Take away only. 

Nom Again:
Why not?

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