Friday, 3 January 2014

Stefan's Charcoal Grill

Greetings Fellow Nom Seekers!

A group of carnivorous friends and I went to Stefan’s Charcoal Grill for a meat fest a few days ago. I was surprised to find a place with such good steak only a few kilometres from home. Vegetarians, look away now.  The following contains slabs of meat on a plate with little much else.  

There were nothing fancy about the outside or inside of the restaurant, the menu was only one page long and it was variations on a set menu. This is a fully license restaurant but patrons are allowed to bring their own wine, which we did. For this occasion, we decided on one of the set menus. For entrée, we had the Chevapcici, a delicious skinless sausages made by Stefan himself.  It was delicately spiced with paprika and perhaps a bit of fennel - I couldn't really figure out the spice mix but it was awesome.  

Chevapcici.  Meat and no frivolous vegetative garnish in sight.  

For main we had either the Wagu or the porterhouse. I had the Wagu which was cooked medium rare as recommended by Stefan. Unlike many steak places, the only sauce served with the meals at Stefan were English or French mustard. The few bottles of wine we had to wash our meals down was a shiraz from Peter Lehman, Stonewell 2001. This we felt was the perfect wine with a perfect meal.  The meat was as you would expect - beautifully charred and melt in your mouth....drool....

Wagyu and Porterhouse.  Why, what do you know, there's a sprig of greenery on the side.  

I had lemon pancake for desert, but by that stage I was so full. What a waste as the desert was also delicious. Next time I'm feeling anaemic and and in need for a good shot of iron intake, I will head to Stefan's.  

The deets:

Stefan Charcoal Grill, 305 Whitehorse Rd, Balwyn VIC 3103
ph: (03) 9836 2157

$100 for the above set menu per person  (plus wine)

Formal dining

Nom again:
Yes, for a juicy great hunk of meat.  But I will be sure to take my gout medication beforehand.  

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