Saturday, 12 April 2014

China Bar Signature, Burwood East

Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

I have been gorging myself at China Bar Signature, the Burwood East edition.  It is an Asian themed all you can eat buffet.  Hang on a sec, I'm loosening up my belt...ahh...that's better...I can't even write about it without feeling like an overfed fois gras duck.

The problem is this - I have no self restraint.  So when presented with endless supply of sashimi, Peking Duck pancakes, oysters, century egg congee, dim sums, hawker style noodles, HK style bbqs, stir fries, curries with a seafood bar thrown in - I go into a competitive eating mode.  Here are a few pictures to illustrate what ultimately sent me into a food coma:

Seafood bar. I think I scoffed down at least a dozen oysters

Dim Sum selection.  Yep, knocked back a few baskets of those

Sushi bar.  Kiddo chommed through a wide array of these. 

Custom stir fry.  You select your veggies and the chef stir fries it with a sauce of choice on the spot for you.  He was very nice and accommodating. I requested my sauce sugar free and he obliged without rolling his eyes.  

Custom noodle making.  You select your noodle tidbits and soup base and they boil it up for you as you wait.  

Dessert bar.  Such a wide selection of wee little pavlovas, mousses, slices, caramels, etc

Asian flavoured icy poles!  Red bean, durian, coconut, taro - all found here. 

Custom made curry laksa with heaps of seafood

Congee with century egg.  OMG,  the congee was so creamy and smooth...ultimate comfort food

Little tea pots of Japanese soup with a wine base.  Loved how it was served.

The food were all very fresh and overwhelmingly abundant.  They were very well executed and all the good old Asian favourites were featured.  However, yes there is a 'however', there was definitely a load of MSG in the food.  I was so thirsty afterwards and it was the almost unquenchable thirst of MSG laden food.

China Bar Signature is not cheap eats.  The prices vary depending on day of the week and time of the day, etc.  But it is averages $63 per adult for dinner and kiddo being eight years old was $43.  The seafood and the Peking duck are only available at dinner so that is a consideration if that is what you are hankering for.  Also price does not include drinks.  Having said that, China Bar does do 'pre paid vouchers' whereby you purchase a booklet of meal tickets for $300 odd dollars and receive vouchers for entry worth $700 odd dollars.  We did just that and promptly forgot we had a booklet of vouchers.  We are now frantically trying to eat our way through $700 worth of pre paid meals before expiration in a few weeks.  So let me forewarn you - I will be doing a few more posts on the various China Bar Buffets dotted around Melbourne in an epic eatathon.  I better start pulling out my elasticised waistband pants from the back of the cupboard.  

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Until next time...

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