Friday, 13 June 2014

Minh Ky

Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

My litmus test for a good Vietnamese restaurant is by  how they execute their Broken Rice. Broken Rice is an art form.  The pork chop has to be nicely charred but still juicy, the accoutrements have to all be present and the icing on top of the cake so to speak is a perfect fried egg.  I have packed away many a platefuls of the stuff in my time and consider myself the Broken Rice connoisseur.  

As a first timer at Minh Ky, I noticed the Broken Rice was priced well above the normal going rate for Broken Rice in Springvale.  Must be something quite spectacular, I thought.  Which naturally translated to I must order it!  

Well, Minh Ky's deluxe priced Broken Rice turned out to be an anti climax.  The pork was dry as too was the shredded pork bits.  It was not particularly flavourful.  I have had cheaper versions of Broken Rice at Thi Thi and Hao Tran for much more satisfaction.  

If Minh Ky was the last place on earth serving Broken Rice, I just may come back for a re-visit. With all the other competitively priced Vietnamese restaurants dotted around Springvale, it is my last choice.  

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Until next time...

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