Saturday, 14 June 2014


Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

I feel uncharacteristically at peace with myself and with the universe after a meal at Om.  Perhaps it is the inspirational quote on their wall:

Or perhaps it's their light yet nourishing vegetarian lunch for $6.50.  Yes, $6.50!  Where can you get a meal in the CBD for that?  So maybe I'm lulled into a sense of serenity by the price point.  Also I am being fed a vegetarian meal that actually tastes good.  Perhaps the all-you-can-eat chappatis tipped me into a carb-cocoon afterglow?  Whatever the reason, I leave Om feeling I can do and should do amazing things because you get out of life what you put in.  

To elaborate on what you get for your $6.50:  pilau of some sort, dhal, vegetarian curry, a little dollop of pickles and chappatis.  Oh, the chappatis!  They were crispy and airy with just a smidge of butter.  A lady walked around with a basketful of them and tops up your plate when you run low.  I could just feast on the chappatis alone.

A tip:  Although the address for Om is on Collins St, the entrance is actually in an arcade off Swanston.  Well worth keeping your eyes peeled for it.

Om Vegetarian on Urbanspoon

Until next time..

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