Saturday, 16 November 2013

Recipe Roadtest: The Best Fish Baps with Mushy Peas and Tartare Sauce

Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

Another day another recipe roadtest.  I'm doing another Jamie Oliver's recipes from 15 minute meals tonight at Bubbachuck's special request.  I figure if a child is putting her hand up to eat fish voluntarily then as a parent, I stand and deliver! 

Here is the link to the recipe.

Jamie's version - picture from his 15 minute meal cookbook

My attempt.  Ok, so mine didn't photograph as nicely as his but it not about looks, it's about substance!  The mushy peas were diabolical though. 

What I liked about this recipe:
  • It's quick and easy.  It really only took between 15 - 20 minutes to knock up.  I'm so bloody proud of myself.
  • It's damn tasty.  Even Obelix who usually makes up some excuse about not eating the fish was enjoying it.  The fish has a parmesan crust melded into it.  So good.  Could eat it every day. 
  • The tartare sauce is low fat.  It's made of yoghurt and has hidden vegetative content.  Jamie used parsley.  I also threw in a handful of spinach for no other reason than I had it languishing around the fridge. 
What didn't rock my world:
  • Mushy peas.  That is through no fault of the recipe.  I just don't like mushy peas.  I know an English expat who goes nuts over the stuff.  I guess it's an acquired taste. 
Will I make it again:
  • Absolutely!  This would is definitely going on the rotation. 
Ciao for now,

Nom Seeker, Glutt
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