Saturday, 21 December 2013

Famish'd Salads & Stuff

Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

I'm surrounded by perpetual dieters where I work.  But one place we all agree on for lunch to meet our various no-carb, no-meat, no-fun restrictions is Famish'd.  Ok, before I go onto all the healthy offerings at Famish'd, I'll get their sweets display out of the way. 

Yum.  Not that I have every tried any of their desserts.  I'm too stuffed from my actual lunch.  They do humungous serves. 

So here's how it works.  Famish'd does salads and baked potatoes which you can customise to make it as healthy or as sinful as you see fit.  For $11 you can choose from four of the pre made salads which will be served to you in a very large box.  With this, you will get a slice of sourdough or seeded bread.  Or alternatively, you can select individual salad items from the salad bar and make your own. 
Or for $11 you may wish to have a baked potato and pick five salad items to put on top.  You can upgrade with chicken breast, ham, etc but I have never done this as I am packed like a musket after eating their baked potato and salad. 

 Baked potato with coleslaw, corn, egg, cheese, lentils and sweet chilli sauce

Baked potato with coleslaw, cheese, chickpeas, roasted capsicum, beetroot and salsa. 

I have been having a stint of Famish'd for lunch in a bid to earn good-eating brownie points as I am anticipating I will be eating all manner of junk for Christmas. 

The deets:

Famish'd Salads N Stuff
130 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Ph: 03 9004 0322

Approximately $11 for main

Casual dining and takeaway

Nom Again:
Always.  Will need to detox after Christmas. 

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Until next time,
Nom Seeker, Glutt
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