Friday, 14 February 2014

Food Travelogue - Papua New Guinea

Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

Papua New Guinea (PNG) is off the beaten track for many and I was fortunate enough to find myself in this little corner of tropical paradise, namely in the capital Port Moresby and in it's second largest city, Lae.

Yes, there was the ubiquitous tropical vegetation, the humidity, the heat...yet what I didn't expect was to find some very well executed dishes in PNG.  The best roast pork I have ever had (believe me, I have had plenty of roast pork in my lifetime) - PNG.  One of the better coffees - PNG.  One of the most seafood laden laksa noodles - PNG.

I present to you, my little food travelogue of the little talked about food destination - PNG.

It's market day - rain, hail or shine
Tis Baby's Got Back...I don't need to tell you this was good.  You know it.  
When in Rome...drink the local beer
Laksa PNG style.  Check out the size of those prawns!
So good in a bad way...extreme cheese.  I like to think I sweated it off in the heat.

The local GoGo Cola.
Still Life - plate of roast duck and pork.  Best pork ever.

There you have it - PNG, an unexpected food destination.

Until next time :)

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