Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

I have been eyeing off this Hot Star chicken joint with curiosity and trepidation for some time now.  With curiosity as there are often queues which are so long they wrap around the corner which makes me think Hot Star is either very good or very cheap, or both.  With trepidation because the by-line "large fried chicken" makes me think of a Goliath sized poultry.

After circling around the place for months, I have got myself a little (big) piece of Hot Star.  Yes it is Goliath sized and yes it is both very good and very cheap ($8 for a piece).  In the name of science, I had brought along a tape measure to determine the exact size of this chicken breast.

Gluttons would be pleased to know that it was 28cm in length. As the writing on the paper bag that it comes in says "with real bone".  Yes, there is a wishbone, part of a sternum and bit of rib cage within this crumbed beast to authenicate that it is real chicken breast versus some faux meat.

It tasted as heavenly as fried chicken do.  There is a variety of seasons to pick from - spicy, seaweed, salt & pepper.  But I was too bamboozled at the counter to request any of this.  I had the 'plain' version which was not plain at all as it had Chinese five spice seasoning within the crumbed casing.  It was not as greasy as I had anticipated.  Nethertheless, I was overwhelmed by the vastness of this Nullabor Plain of a schnitzel.  It felt like it was the chicken that never ended.

This leads me to ponder when presented with a chicken breast of this magnitude with no cutlery, does one pick bits off and eat in segments with a divide and conquer mentality?  Or does one pick the chicken mattress up with both paws and shove as much into one's maw?    I alternated between the two techniques whilst hungry sparrows danced around me for a crumb.

A sparrow, willing to eat its brethren.  
Hot Star is definitely a good cheap eats sort of place.  It also serves all manner of fried goodies such as chips and fried mushrooms.  Not the sort of food you should be eating everyday but ok for an occasional fatty binge.

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