Thursday, 6 February 2014

Product Reviews: La Bellissima Pasta Company

Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

When a dear friend of mine said she would come over and cook me dinner, I really thanked my lucky stars that I have managed to score her as a friend when I essentially bring nothing to the table in terms of the relationship.

She rocked up with the following in tow - fresh pasta, pasta sauce, parmesan and pizza from La Bellissima Pasta Company.  I discovered that La Bellissima Pasta Company make Italian dishes that are on sold to various Melbourne restaurants.  They also sell direct to the public from their manufacturing site in Werribee.  Their details here.  It was a work of moments to heat and serve and we had a lovely Italian feast between us - tasting very similar to what you would get at a restaurant.

So relaxing to host a weeknight dinner this way.  Guest brings their own food to feed you...takes less than 15 minutes to heat...yummy meal in minutes..not too much washing up.

We had the fresh fettucini with a bolognese sauce.  Being fresh pasta, it had a denser texture than the dried versions and a lovely eggy taste.  The bolognese was very thick and luscious.  It was probably fattier than my own bolognese recipe but it tasted way better.  The parmesan tasted nice and freshly grated.

The star in my opinion was the hot salami pizza.  It crisped up beautifully in a hot oven after 15 - 20 minutes.  It had an abundance of topping.  It would probably be worthwhile to go back and buy a stack of these pizzas to freeze at home.  Then you would have a quick back up option for dinner.

La Bellissima Pasta Company - I would definitely visit this place and stock up on the parmesan and pizzas.  The fresh pasta is lovely too.  I was a bit concerned with the heaviness of the sauce so I would probably serve the pasta with my own sauce which I load up with hidden veggies to lighten.

I almost forgot to mention the cost - all of the above was under $25.  It fed 3 adults and 1 child. Not bad economy.

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