Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Inlet Fish 'N' Chips


Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

We were in the beautiful seaside town of Inverloch not too long ago. Being an unfamiliar place, we thought we would go where everyone else flocked to for food.  Chances are it was bound to be good if everyone else is eating it, right?  Wrong!

The Inlet Fish 'N' Chips was ever so crowded - there was a queue extending out the door to order.  It had a few tables within but that was so stinking hot and humid with no air con that people were fighting for the few tables outside.

I ordered the 'Seafood Pack' which was $14.50.  It wasn't my first choice or my second choice either but for some reason, the cashier couldn't input the codes of my first two preference into their ordering system so I ended up ordering whatever they could punch into register.  Humph!  Not off to a very good start.

The Seafood Pack came with a scallop, fried fish of unspecified variety, prawn, two calamari rings (which were actually reconstituted calamari), a seafood stick and a generous serve of chips.  It was enough for kiddo and I.  Due to the heavy grease factor, we could only stomach a portion of it.  Disappointingly for a fish and chip shop, they did not have any of the usual condiments such as vinegar or tomato sauce to go with the chips.

We also ordered a small serve of Greek salad.  It wasn't the freshest but by the time the order came (a good 30 minutes later), I was too hungry to care.

So all in all, it was a rather disappointing experience - first I couldn't actually order what I wanted to order, then the interminable wait for the food, the rather average quality of the food and the uncomfortable seating environment.

Such a shame because the seaside is such a drawcard for tourist and it would have been icing on the cake to have a decent lunch in between exploring the local surrounds.

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Until next time...
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