Tuesday, 15 April 2014

#pizzacomp @hotelgrosvenor

Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

I was very lucky to be invited to participate in the 2014 pizza competition at the Hotel Grosvenor with a bunch of other fellow food bloggers.

The night entailed much pizza consumption and merriment.  The idea was that we all get to create a pizza each;  we all taste test each other's creation and give each pizza a score out of ten.  Not only did we get to tap into our creative channels in creating our entries, we also got to watch a master pizza chef, Stefano in action.  Stefano was amazing. He can roll out pizza dough in literally seconds  and it came out in perfect uniform size and thickness.  Stefano also gave us a quick tute on what to look out for when cooking pizza in a wood fire oven.

After much pizza stuffing and deliberation, three finalists were selected:

  • a Whoopsie Daisy pizza - chilli choc, strawberries, coconut, icecream - OMG, it was divine
  • a Rocky Road pizza - more icecream, chocolate, marshmallows...drool
  • a savoury meatball and artichoke pizza aptly called "That's not the choke" although I suspect you can play around with the words of it in all sorts of permutations...smuttiness much encouraged
The prize at stake is a trophy!  A gold one at that and a month's supply of free pizza.  Now that the three finalists have been selected, it's over to you, the public to vote.  I understand voting will soon be available at the Hotel Grosvenor Facebook page.  See here.  The three finalists' pizzas would also be placed on the menu so you can vote in person when you order a pizza, or two, or three.  

There were heaps of photos of this great night.  It was just easier to throw these all in a slide show for you.

Until next time...
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