Monday, 14 April 2014

Ha Long Bay (revisited)

Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

I have previously posted of my love for Ha Long Bay restaurant in Richmond.  You can read my eulogy here.  Since it is a regular haunt of mine, I decided to do this little revisit post with a few additional dishes shown to whet your appetites, or rather whet my appetite as I fine myself yearning for more as I upload these photos.

This time around for the sake of variety we ordered a few different things:

Rice paper rolls with duck breast.  This makes a nice change from the usual prawn and pork combo which I always seem to order.  The duck was relatively lean and juicy.

Three colour drink. Very refreshing

Prawn spring rolls lovingly swaddled in mint and lettuce.

Beef pho.  My mum ordered this one.  She reported back that the soup base was a bit sweeter than expected.  It probably has a bit of palm sugar in it I suspect.

We also ordered a Beef Bun Bo Xao which is a stir fried beef with rice vermicelli and salad which you mix through with a Vietnamese dipping sauce but I was too busy eating and completely forgot to take a photo of it!

I love this place as it is clean and peaceful compared to some of the more hectic dining spots along Victoria St.  You might say it is slightly more Westernised Vietnamese food but I like it and the service is great.  Always a pleasure to visit.

If you are in the mood to explore other Vietnamese places along Victoria St, Richmond, Fina's Vegetarian Cafe is a good veggo option.  See review here.  Or you may like an authentic Vietnamese experience in which I would recommend Thanh Ha2.  See review here.

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Until next time...

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