Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Let Me Be Frank

Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

I was very lucky to be invited out to brunch at a very family and community orientated cafe, Let Me Be Frank.  It had a very relaxed atmosphere with an al fresco area out the front for the kiddies with their trikes.  Inside there was a library where you can borrow a few books to read while enjoying your coffee.  Books and small produce can also be purchased.  What really sealed the deal with the community mindedness was a barrel of chokos at the front door - free to a good home.  The chokos were excess from the cafe's back garden.  

We kicked off with a few beverages:  spiced chai, coffees and a little hot chocolate for kiddo.

The breakfast burger (adult version) came with organic eggs and thick cut bacon and house relish.  A very substantial serve for $8.50

Kiddo had the kiddie's sized version of the breakfast burger.  It was the first time she deigned to eat a fried egg.  Kudos to the chef.

My Mum and Dad ordered the Hungry Frank to share.  This behemoth came with chorizo, hash browns, scrambled eggs, tomatoes, spinach baked beans and bacon.  Yum!  This was $22.50

This was the Avocado and Feta Mash with a corn and quinoa salsa.  We upsized and got it with two poached eggs for $16.  I didn't order this one but the eater was happy.

Lastly, my order.  It was the Healthy Frank:  spinach, fresh tomatoes, herbed cottage cheese and poached eggs.  It was too virtuous for me and I could not resist adding on the rashers of bacon.  These were the thick cut bacon - love!  I also requested for sourdough bread.  It was a healthy (probably not so much the bacon) brunch and very decent serve.

I washed it down with a cup of Earl Grey.

Exterior of Let Me Be Frank
Let Me Be Frank is a wonderful establishment with a good ethos.  Looking forward to going back.

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Until next time...

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