Saturday, 21 June 2014


Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

Thr1ve is an eatery inspired by paleo and primal protocols.  Apparently the menu has been approved by a nutritionist.  So in a world where food court pickings are usually considered bad for you, Thr1ve fills a niche for those of us who are eating on the run but want a nutritional meal in the process.

So here's the process when ordering a main:
  • you pick you base which could be sweet potato mash, brown rice, greens, etc
  • you add your protein - choice of chicken, fish, greens, beef, etc.  Apparently the protein is measured out to the nutritionist's guidelines
  • you can either upsize or add side bits such as egg, more greens, sauces, etc.  
So here's what we got:

This was the sweet potato and cauliflower mash base with grilled chicken with pesto, roasted capsicum and spinach.  As I feared I would be still hungry, I added an extra side of smashed avocado.  ($14.90)  I was right in thinking I would be hungry because I was!  Don't get me wrong, it was very delicious, the herb chicken had great flavours and the mash was comforting but it left me 90% full or rather 90% satisfied.  So then I was obsessing about snacking for the remainder of the day...eventually I succumbed and scoffed down a packet of tortillas.   

My sister ordered the brown rice base with grilled teriyaki salmon.  ($12.90) Her's was even mingier in size.  Whilst she reported it was well cooked pieces of salmon, unfortunately there were too little of it.  She ended up snacking on a sushi handroll later in the day.  

Whilst the concept of Thr1ve is a great idea and a much needed option in the food mall space, the portion size was a little on the wee size leaving one slightly less than replete.  

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Until next time...
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