Friday, 27 December 2013

The Lab Nitrogen Gelato

Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

The experience at The Lab Nitrogen Gelato is a cross between sitting in a Year 10 chemistry class and watching street theatre.

Nitrogen gelato for the uninitiated, is when an ice-cream is created there and then for you. Liquid nitrogen is used to immediately freeze the ice cream ingredients.  The Lab, plays up on it's mad scientist type setting.  The customer service staff where white lab coats and goggles.  Beakers and funnels hold all the ice cream constituents.  There is considerable showmanship with the making of the ice cream with clouds of liquid nitrogen wafting all over the place.  It's a gimmick and I'm embracing it.  

I ordered a macha green tea ice cream with red bean puree topping for $6.  They only have 6 flavours at a time to choose from but having said that some of the flavours can come gluten free.  As far as ice creams go, it was one of the nicer green tea ice creams I've had.  I just wished it came with more red bean puree.

The deets:

The Lab Nitrogen Gelato
188 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC
Ph 03 9077 3354

$6 per ice cream

Street side al fresco seating available.

Nom Again:
Why not?  Good place to take the kids on school holidays.

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Nom Seeker, Glutt

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