Monday, 18 November 2013

Liquid Cafe

Hello Fellow Nom Seekers!

A few months ago I was driving around with Bubbachuck in the backseat and she needed to go to the toilet immediately.  There were screams along the lines of "I'm busting!!!" This moment called for an "I told you so" as I had reminded her to go to the loo before we left the house.  But before the remonstrations kicked in, I swung into super hero mode and tried to scan the horizon for a public toilet.  Of course, none in sight.  With no choice, I parked the car and with cross legged child in tow, dashed into the nearest café praying that the kind folks here would not turf us out with the swarmy old chestnut of "toilets are for patrons only". 

The kind folks at this café did not turf us out. Instead they ushered us to the toilets right at the back towards their courtyard.  I was so touched by their understanding and kindness (sniff!) I vowed to myself that I will go back there one fine day to eat (and not just to use their bog chair and leave). 

Well today is the one fine day.  I was in such a frantic flap last time, I did not even make a note of what the cafe's name was.  So I drove out towards that way to retrace my steps.  The café  I discovered is call Liquid.  They have a small indoor dining area and a very cosy courtyard space.  Liquid has a breakfast and lunch menu.  They do a range of breakfasty items with organic breads and mains such as pasta and risotto. 

I ordered the falafel wrap with salad.  It came toasted and the falafels were fresh and not greasy.  I'm a bit apprehensive with falafels in general as I fear they are little grease balls.  But these were not and seemed to have corn in them as well.  I sat in the courtyard sunning myself like a cat.  They have jugs of water with lemon in the courtyard for people to help themselves - it's not a big thing but it's a small detail that shows they care. 
Toasted falafel wrap with sweet chili sauce
At last, Spring sun!
 The staff were just as friendly as last time.  They have colouring pencils and paper for kids.  People were just chilling and chatting over a coffee.  It's a nice place to just hang out.  I realised Aldi supermarket is on the other side of Liquid's courtyard.  Easy parking and you can do your groceries as well!

The deets:

Liquid Café
866 Canterbury Road, Box Hill South
ph: 98995911

$10 for sandwiches and wraps.  Around $15-$18 for mains

Casual dining with a very relaxed courtyard.  Kid friendly

Nom again:

Liquid Cafe Lounge on Urbanspoon

Until next time,
Nom Seeker, Glutt
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